Sting talks about touring with The Police...

January 16, 2008

Almost 28 years after The Police played their last New Zealand concert at Western Springs - they are back - a little older, a little wiser, and a lot richer.

In his only New Zealand interview Sting spoke to 3 News about his new year's resolutions, and why the police don't fight anymore.

Tanned, relaxed and looking more surfer than rocker, Sting is so laid back he is practically horizontal.

The 56-year-old has just had a month off here with his family

"I feel very Australian - I have a tan and beard, not sure I can shave it off now, it'd look odd. I'll have to keep it for a while," Sting says.

When asked whether he had made any New Year's resolutions Sting replied:

"Resoutions or revolutions? I'd like to make a New Year revolution. I think we should live more love more. More than any other year, I am optimistic."

Sting has good reason to feel optimistic.

He and fellow policemen Stewart Copeland and Andy Summers are in the middle of a gargantuan world tour, a tour which became the biggest grossing rock tour on the planet for last year, and worth a cool $310,000,000.

"I think this tour will give the band closure, we didn't really break up, we just stopped playing and did other things. Always this mystery, this tour will give us closure. Done it to the max," Sting says.

The Police blew the lid off the reunion tour rumour at last year's Grammies.

The next day they announced they were back together, and they were hitting the road.

"We feel mature, there is no point throwing things around the room anymore, it was fun, but not when you're in your fifties, its not dignified," admits Sting.

Dignified, and raring to go after their mid-tour break, tomorrow night, The Police are back in town.

Today the band's enormous production crew were hard at work in Wellington, where they play the first of two shows, the second in Auckland.

You can watch the video here.

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